The Spirit Of Man

 Excerpt - Chapter One


This question was asked by King David, as he pondered the deeper mysteries of life. His attention was not so much engaged with things around him, or with the general concerns of everyday living. His queries had reached a deeper level, "what is man." Curiosity is certainly of great value to men, and where it is directed determines what discoveries are made. Without curiosity we would never explore anything, never learn anything, and certainly never master anything. This is the process from generation to generation. Someone gets curious about this thing or that thing, and discoveries are made, and advancements in this field or that field of knowledge are the results. The more we focus on something, the better we understand it, and more progress is made in our pursuit of that particular thing.

We live in an awesome period in time. The age in which we live, far surpasses the age in which David lived. The marvels of science and technology are daily wonders to behold. How would David react to seeing a spaceship lifting off this earth to explore the moon? Or even seeing a television being flipped from channel to channel and connecting us with other countries all over the world? I am sure he would be amazed to see someone using an iPhone and speaking with someone in another country, and beholding their image at the same time. I believe his amazement would be off the charts. Even those of us who live in this age of unfolding wonders are still taken aback as some new thing in some field or another emerges to baffle us. As we look around and see so many achievements, creations, and accomplishments by men; the question of David must also resonate within us; what is man?

He is certainly not a robotic creature; the differences among us are numerous. We have different impulses, different talents, and different accomplishments. We can experience the same things yet in different ways. Although we are alike, we are not exactly the same. We often hear the admonition: "be yourself," don’t try to be anyone else. We are reminded that even our fingerprints are different. We never know from whom the next great thing will come.

Perhaps one thought about mankind that will help us in our considerations; is to reflect upon the reference that we often use regarding man, which identifies him as a "human-being." He is always ‘being.’ He is being wise or being foolish, being creative, or being dull, being weak or being strong. Man is not a fixed entity, he expresses himself in a thousand different ways, and his capacities are almost endless. He ( or she) may become an artist, an architect, an engineer, a scientist, a musician, and on and on. The possibilities of man appear boundless; because man is a ‘being’ with untold resources within. We never know what possibilities he still possesses.





The further we get down the road of life, the more we appreciate the good memories that the Lord has granted us. I had the privilege of spending a number of years working in Christian television .The station was called WCFC TV-38 in Chicago Illinois. Above is an old picture of me on the TV set teaching the TV series known as " In The Word. " 

I am grateful for the privilege of doing this series so many years ago. And I am thankful for working with so many others who were dedicated to the service of God.